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Le 119 est le numéro national dédié à la prévention et à la protection des enfants en danger ou en risque de l’être.

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How are you feeling?

Do you want to know more about how you’re feeling? get information about a mental health condition or know what support is available to you? these guides may help you.


Anxiety is a complex problem and can affect anyone at any time in their lives. However, to comprehend anxiety, we need to delve into what it feels like, what it looks like and how it presents itself in our thoughts and in our bodies.

Feeling Anxious, Get Help at Ellie's Safe House
Being Bullied - Get Help, Ellie's Safe House

What is Bullying?


Bully is the continuous and repetitive hurtful behaviour towards one person or group by another person or group.

Drugs and Alcohol


Drugs and Alcohol - need help, Ellie's Safe House
Eating Disorders? find out more at Ellie's Safe House

What is an Eating Disorder?


Lots of people like to control their eating in some way. This is quite a normal human habit. Whether it be trying different diets to lose a bit of weight or deciding not to eat something for a little while because it makes you feel a bit rubbish.